International Day of Banks

Yay! episode 5 has dropped of the #TimeSavingGurus Technology Unplugged podcast on the International Day of Banks’, in this episode our ‘Gurus’ discuss the history of banking and how the traditional bank needs to modernise sharply if they are able to keep up with today’s internet and challenger banks.

International Day of Banks was adopted by the United Nations on 19th December 2019 in recognition of how international banks contribute to improved standards of living and their vital role in the banking system, this is the inaugural day and the ‘Gurus’ are excited to share it with you.

In this episode we cover.

  1. What is the International Day of Banks
  2. How banking has changed over the years since the first bank opened in 1472
  3. Why internet banks are the future of banking
  4. How today’s ATM have foundations in Jersey

This is our fifth episode of Technology Unplugged, where the ‘Gurus’ discuss technological innovations which are associated with international and national days, all in a light-hearted manner. The podcasts are co-hosted by our very own #TimeSavingGurus, James Baker and Nathan Wright and will occasionally involve guest subject matter experts, or just guests that we want to invite to have a bit of fun with us.

In our next episode, the ‘Gurus’ will celebrate the ‘Wright Brothers Day’ which celebrates the pioneering experiments of the Wrights and the history of aviation technologies. The ‘Gurus’ will look at how technology has played a part in how we travel, book our holidays and business trips, and the issues that COVID has had on airlines and airports.


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