World Post Day

Welcome to our pilot episode of the Time Saving Gurus, Technology Unplugged podcast or better known as TSGTU, in our first episode our co-hosts James Baker and Nathan Wright discuss today’s theme ‘World Post Day’, which celebrates the anniversary of the universal postal union in 1874, opening up international communications via the postal service, we look at the history of the postal service and how the way we communicate with each other has changed over the years, all the way up to present day, we provide you with some time saving tips and especially this beauty from Nathan as his ‘tip of the day’ “Do your Christmas shopping, before Christmas Eve”, so come join us for our fun and light-hearted inaugural episode.

In this episode we cover.

  1. Brief history of World Post Day
  2. How communications have changed over the last 400 years
  3. Today’s preferred communication channels
  4. Our time saving tips.

Each episode of Technology Unplugged will be focused around special international and national days, where we take a light-hearted look at how technology has had a positive impact on this day over the years. The podcasts will be co-hosted by our very own Time Saving Gurus, James Baker and Nathan Wright and will occasionally involve guest subject matter experts, or just guests that we want to invite to have a bit of fun.

In our next episode, we will discuss World Statistics Day and how technology has played a part in how we visualise and present numbers.


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