World Statistics Day

The #TimeSavingGurus are back with episode 2 of Technology Unplugged, in this episode our co-hosts James Baker and Nathan Wright discuss the theme of the day which is “World Statistics Day”, celebrated every 5 years since adoption by the United Nations Assembly in 2005 as a way of encouraging the international community to come together to meet their statistical needs, the 2020 event is the third of its kind and each event has a theme, this year’s theme is “Connecting the world with data we can trust”, the “Gurus’s discuss what trusted data is and means, and how technology has played a part over the years and how we can visualise and present data. There is also a discussion around cucumbers and the biblical meaning of the number ‘5’, join us for a fun and action-packed episode”.

In this episode we cover.

  1. What is World Statistics Day how it was founded and when it happens.
  2. What do we mean by trusted data?
  3. How we can create trusted data.
  4. Our ‘Guru’s time saving tips.
  5. The meaning of the number ‘5’

Each episode of Technology Unplugged will be focused around special international and national days, where we take a light-hearted look at how technology has had a positive impact on this day over the years. The podcasts will be co-hosted by our very own #TimeSavingGurus, James Baker and Nathan Wright and will occasionally involve guest subject matter experts, or just guests that we want to invite to have a bit of fun.

In our next episode, we will discuss World Diabetes Day, which has a special meaning for one of our hosts, we will look at how technology has helped those that suffer from the metabolic disease.


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